Grapple Like a Champ with the High Protein Diet

March 16, 2019
Get results after having foods with high protein.

Although it may not appear to get the same attention as football or baseball, wrestling is still a popular sport, and one to be recognized. Two combatants go toe-to-toe in a barbarianesque fashion, trying to grapple each other to the mat to score points.

This individual sport takes not only a lot of skill, talent and mental focus, but it also takes strength and the ability to recover quickly. A solid diet plan cannot be stressed enough in this situation to ensure you have the physical and mental tools to outshine all the competition.

And the best approach to take is to follow what the champions do. This involves the avoidance of certain foods and the addition of others. Suffice it to say, you too can have great results if your diet is neat and clean. That all revolves around certain aspects.

Keep it on the DL

Certain foods and beverages can bring any good man down. If you are in the wrestling world, this can be even worse. Being sluggish and having the feeling of a bowling ball in your stomach while you shoot on an opponent is not a very sobering thought.

That’s why you should regulate or eliminate foods and beverages that can have this profound effect on your body. These mainly consist of sugary foods and alcohol. And you can also throw simple carbs into the mix.

Focus your eyeball on simple carbs in this situation. It’s easy to depict that the typical junk food like cakes, cookies, candy bars and doughnuts should find their way into the waste receptacle. But don’t overlook the processed goods that lack a sweet taste.

These would include white bread, white rice, crackers, white bagels and white buns. You will find little nutrient value in these foods, but a high spike in blood sugar levels because they are processed.

In turn, you get an equally high spike in insulin, which is a fat-storage hormone. You then set the table for fluctuations in energy during the day, which will do you no good on the mat. Plus, you are subject to add fat to your body, which will also do you no good.

You are better off adding healthy, complex carbs to your diet like whole grains and whole-grain derivatives, beans, fruit, vegetables, sweet potatoes and yams.

Protein Power

Dairy and red meat are two other things to fix your gaze on. Both of which are high in complete protein, which is great. As a wrestler, protein is a very important macronutrient needed for muscle gain and recovery.

But, red meat and dairy have been linked to inflammation, which is the last thing you want during training. Not only can it stunt your performance, but it can also blunt your recoveries and hold you back.

Dairy can also cause excessive mucous build-up. That may sound remedial and also disgusting, but it is very real and should be thought about. When you are on the Airdyne bike, cranking out intervals, you don’t want to have to step off and go blow your nose.

It’s annoying and it can take away your momentum in a flash. Keeping the dairy in the cooler at the grocery store instead of in your basket can prevent this from happening.

And as for red meat, you don’t want the same thing to occur. Sure it too comes with its own benefits, but it is better to play it on the safe side and avoid it. You won’t get any phlegm buildup from it, but you can definitely get inflammation.

Healthy Protein Sources

You never have anything to fear when it comes to your diet and wrestling. There are plenty of foods with high protein options available that are not derived from meat or dairy. Take fish, for example.

It’s a lean source of complete protein that also tastes really good and is plentiful. All forms of fish are satisfactory to get your protein needs met, including obscure fish like oysters, mussels, herring, anchovies, sardines, and clams.

Some of these are actually shellfish, but they all come from the sea, so same difference. And they’re all still complete proteins.

Salmon, cod, halibut, and mahi mahi are good options too. Plus, they have an added bonus, Being that they come from cold waters, they are high in omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats help reduce inflammation, improve brain function and boost the body’s ability to produce key hormones like testosterone.

Lastly, you have eggs, chicken, turkey, and bison. All of these are good sources of foods with high protein and iron but are not counted as red meat.

Keep it Clean

Getting your fix from non-dairy and red meat options isn’t that difficult. As you can see, there are plenty of options to go around. But there is one more thing you want to know. Where did these animal proteins come from and how were they raised?

Simply put, you want to try to avoid anything that was raised with hormones or antibiotics. That specifically pertains to chicken, turkey, and eggs. Bison is always free and clear of this process. It’s actually a law.

With cold-water fish, you want to make sure that it did, in fact, come from cold waters, such as Alaska, Norway or the Pacific Ocean. These areas have way less mercury and pollution, so you are much better off consuming species that come from here.

Putting a Plan in Motion

A wrestling match takes more than strength and finesse. You have to put a game plan together, strategize and then engage with that plan. Well, your diet is the exact same way. You need to build a plan and carry it out.

Your best course of action is to follow a clean diet that is low in processed carbs and alcohol. Secondly, consume a good amount of protein from sources other than red meat and dairy. Lastly, be as clean and pure as possible when it comes to the food you choose.

Go organic and choose animal-based products that are free of hormones and antibiotics. Follow this strategy and you won’t go wrong. It’s actually not that complicated either.

And when you are ever in doubt while eating out, just pop open the HowUdish app and punch in what you are looking for. Or just simply scroll through and seek out menu items that frit this type of eating style. Then you are in complete control at home and while out at restaurants.