The Great Challenge for Every Dieter

October 11, 2017
How to stick to your diet image

Best Ways To Stay Consistent With Your Diet


If you’re on any kind of a diet then you know that going out to eat can be hard. A menu full of foods that sound tempting. But are they good for you? Do they fit into your diet? It can be so hard to tell.

1. Commitment.

So many of us are on diets for one reason or another but the bottom line is that a diet requires discipline. Maybe you want to lose weight, maybe you are trying to eat low carb or maybe you just choose to follow a vegan lifestyle and stick to your diet. Whatever your reason, if you do not commit one hundred percent, your diet just won’t work the way you want it to.

2.  Set rules and stick to them.

Therein lies the problem of going out to a restaurant where the restaurant menu is a dietary mystery. How do you know what foods are within your diet just by looking at a menu? Do you ask the waiter a million questions about what is in each dish? Do you risk it and order something you think may follow your diet? Or do you just say forget it and skip the diet for the day? Maybe you don’t even go out to eat at all, remain disciplined and also still enjoy eating at a restaurant?

3. Make your own food.

Skipping dining out altogether is a common solution to sticking to a diet regime. It makes sense to simply cook your own foods at home.  After all, at least you know that your gluten-free pasta really is gluten-free! Yet eating in every night can grow old after a while.  Night after night of the same foods, same scenery and same diet looming over your head. Don’t let your diet control your life! Get out there and eat.

4. Remember your goals.

When you look at that restaurant menu, keep in mind your major goals and reasons for your diet. Think of that bikini in your closet that made you want to eat low fat. Remember the Crossfit competition coming up where a high protein diet may pay off. Or just remember how much better and healthier you feel when you are eating a balanced diet. Focus on all of your reasons to diet before you even pick up the restaurant menu.  You are dieting for you so no cheating!


You can start by simply asking your server what is in each dish. While a well-trained server will be able to tell you the ingredients of each dish and how they are prepared, a server cannot tell you how many calories are in each meal or how many grams of protein are really in that steak. The HowUdish app can provide a rough benchmark for what a typical dish’s nutritional content is.

Open up your app and let it tell you all there is to know about the restaurant menu you are looking at. Our algorithm will assess each dish and tell you if it is something you should be okay to eat. Foods that will work for you and your diet will then show up on your screen! No more guesswork needed to help.

Making the choice to diet and then sticking to it can be stressful and you may frequently want to give in. Don’t do it! You can reach those goals with some discipline, motivation and by using simple tools to aid you in making good food choices. When all the information about each menu item in hundreds of restaurants is literally at your fingertips, how can you ever neglect your goals? No more excuses for eating that hot fudge sundae and pretending you were unaware of the calorie count! Use HowUdish to see thousands of foods that will work for your dietary restrictions, pick something that looks good, go out to eat anywhere you’d like and stick to your diet.


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