Healthy Packed Lunches For Adults

December 27, 2018

Best and Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas For Adults


It is hard to eat healthy- we all know this. It is also hard to eat healthy on a daily basis when you are away most of the day. If you have a job that requires you to bring lunch every day, as so many of us do, eating healthy can be such a struggle. Healthy packed lunches can be hard! You have to rush in the morning to pack a healthy lunch. You even might have to stay up late doing meal prep that no one has time for. Or, you can just go out for lunch and rack up your credit card bill by eating foods that may appear healthy, but may not be (who knows what is really in that salad dressing…lots of hidden sugar, that’s what!).

So how can you stick to your diet plan and get that healthy lunch that you want, that you need? These tips and trick will help you make healthy packed lunches that will make you wish it was lunchtime already…..but is it lunchtime now?  How about now?

Plan Ahead

Okay, okay, we all know that we should meal prep and make our lunches ahead of time. Who is really that organized nowadays? The secret is that you don’t have to be a perfect planner or kitchen whiz to plan for a healthy packed lunch. Pick a day, any day to be your lunch making day. It can be a Sunday to help you set yourself up for success for the week or it can be a Thursday when you make food for the upcoming week- whatever works for your schedule.

On “lunch prep” day, write down what you want to bring for your healthy packed lunches and start cooking. Make it fun- put some music on and dance around the kitchen as you cook (hey, you’ll be bringing calories too!). Cook and package all your meals separately. Next day, when you are ready to head out in the morning, you can just grab a meal and go. Yes, it takes a little time and a little planning. When you do it on your own schedule, then it really isn’t so bad!

Make Extra


When you are cooking away in the kitchen, making a seriously healthy, seriously delicious meal, double the recipe. Actually, triple it. Then, pack up the extra and voila, you have a healthy packed lunch ready to go for the next day!

There are also so many foods that freeze well. When you’re making extra, you can freeze it and save it for later. Stock your freezer with healthy grilled chicken or sautéed veggies. Soups and chillies are fantastic to put in the freezer and pull out when you need a healthy packed lunch. When you are already cooking up a nutritious meal, it isn’t hard to just make a little more. With that, your adult lunchbox will be happy you did when lunchtime rolls around.

Grown Up Containers


While you have likely grown out of the superhero lunchboxes, a regular old brown bag also may not be cutting it. It is time to get yourself a grown up lunchbox! There are hundreds out there you can choose from. Those with double insulated walls to keep your food fresh to lunchboxes that are extra small to fit nicely in your briefcase.

With a new lunchbox, you’re going to need new containers as well. Nice new plastic storage containers will help keep your healthy packed lunches neat, organized and fresh. It may sound silly but upping your lunchbox and container game is going to make you excited for lunch. You’ll really want to pack up that healthy lunch every day! Besides, healthy packed lunch for adults is the goal….but if you need to keep the superhero motif, go right ahead!


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Get Creative

We all get bored of the same old packed lunch day after day. While you may be eating something nutritious, you likely also want some variety. Push that same old salad to the side and look for new healthy recipes that fit into your diet. Dust off your favourite recipe book or hit up your old friend Google and see what recipes you can find that excite you.

When on your search for new healthy packed lunch ideas, look for recipes that you can make the day ahead or ones that will travel well. Sandwiches, salads, and pasta dishes are all great places to start. Aim for at least one new recipe a week to keep your adult lunchbox fresh, fun and diet healthy.

Turn To the Kids

While you may find a few good ideas out there for healthy packed lunches for adults, you are likely to find way more ideas for healthy packed lunches for kids. Thanks to tons of mom bloggers and websites that promote feeding kids only the most nutritious foods. You can easily find hundreds of lunch boxes ideas that are over the top healthy. From homemade fruit roll-ups to crunchy chickpea snacks, kids these days have some seriously awesome packed lunches. So don’t skip those kid sites- you will find a lot of awesome healthy lunchbox ideas!



Sometimes, you just may not have time to prepare a real meal for lunch but you still want to get that healthy packed lunch ready to go. Stock your pantry with healthy foods that are easy to throw in your lunch box in a hurry. Foods like baby carrots, veggie chips, bananas and canned tuna fish are all great for making a healthy lunchbox in a hurry. You don’t need to cook every day and you can still eat healthy without ever turning on the oven.

Skip the Lunchbox

There are plenty of days when you need to treat yourself to lunch. Forget about the lunchbox, forget about the healthy packed lunches that you have been striving for- you have been doing great and you deserve a break! When you just need a day of eating at a restaurant or grabbing takeout, just do it in an educated way.

Check what restaurant have foods that fit your diet by looking at the menu ahead of time, asking the staff what is in each dish or by utilizing apps like HowUdish to help you cipher through each restaurants dish (seriously, try this, it’s a lifesaver for when you are eating out on a diet). While you shouldn’t put that lunchbox on the back shelf, you can definitely take a day off every now and then. Besides, you may be a few good ideas off of a restaurant menu for the next time you go to pack a healthy lunchbox.

Lunch doesn’t have to be hard and lunch doesn’t have to be unhealthy. There are so many ways to create healthy packed lunches for adults specifically that you should never be bored at lunchtime! So grab a new ‘adult’ lunchbox. Then, think of some creative healthy lunches you want to try and plan a day to make a whole lot of food to stock up on. Grab a few healthy lunch foods next time you are at the grocery store to have on hand for those busy mornings. Also, download the HowUdish app to help you stick to that diet if you have to go out for lunch. You’re ready for healthy packed lunches now! Your lunch is about to be the best part of your day!


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