How to Survive Eating Season With New Year Health Tips

December 9, 2018
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New Year Health Tips For The Eating Season


If you were to roll down the window of your car and stick your head outside, you would recognize that there are several seasons that go on during the course of the year.

You have hunting season, hurricane season, forest fire season and fishing season to name a few. But there is one very important season that you may be overlooking… EATING season!

This is the time between Thanksgiving and New Years. People tend to let themselves go and reach for copious amounts of food and beverages, without a single bit of caution.

And, they usually end up gaining anywhere from 5 to 10 lbs. But that’s ok, because New Years Day also marks the start of a new year equipped with a resolution to shed that extra layer of pudge, and then some.

The only problem is, the thought is never connected to the body because it seems like too arduous of a task. Then you end up heavier then you were previously, and grumpier to boot. But the eating habits still stay right where they are and nothing gets solved.

All this being said, it is better for you to avoid this pitfall in the first place and follow the new year health tips. To guide you in this pursuit, here are a few things you can do. And in the big picture, none of this process needs to be super strenuous or too far beyond your comfort zone. Even the slightest dose of discipline will get you where you want to be.


Share your meals


Chances are very good that you will be attending a minimum of two parties at a restaurant with the company you work for or an affiliation you have. These meals can often be on the gigantic side. Instead of eating an entire meal by yourself, order a bunch of appetizers and sides that you and your company can all share.

You’ll quickly see how this can fill you up and you won’t feel the need for a huge meal. If you do in fact get one though, ask for a to-go box right away. Eat half and park the other half of your meal in it. Then you’re set up for lunch or dinner tomorrow.

This is also a good time to use the HowUdish app to find out what restaurant you are going to and what they have to offer. Planning ahead is very important to surviving eating season.


Restrict the time you eat


A simple and easy way to cut back on calories is by cutting down the time in which you eat. For example, instead of eating from 6 am to 10 pm, eat between 10 am and 6 pm.

This gives you 8 hours to get your food instead of 16. Aim for two or three meals in this window of time and do not eat in between them. Even if you were to eat a largish meal in your window, it will have way less negative impact on your waistline.


Chew your food slowly


The sad reality is, people tend to eat at a high rate of speed. Do you know what this leads to? Excess calories being consumed that get stored as fat, that’s what! Slow your role and chew your food slowly.

Meals should be enjoyed and the process of eating should be relaxing. You won’t experience either one of these circumstances if you’re cleaning house at the dinner table.

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Join the local gym


A common goal people have for New Years is to join a gym. But why wait until January 1st to do something that can help you right now?! To battle eating season, get yourself a membership and start using it right NOW!
You don’t need to get cutesy or fancy either. Just get in there and move.

Do some weight training, ride an exercise bike, swim some laps or attend a group fitness class. Just attending the gym will create motivation for you to honor your diet more when you’re not there.


Fill up on vegetables


Any time you attend a party or go to a restaurant, always seek out vegetables. The fresher and more raw, the better. But steamed, roasted, stewed or baked will do just fine.

Nosh on these before you hit the bigger fare and you will seriously curb your appetite and be able to walk away without any major disasters. Just watch the dips, creamy sauces and melted cheese. They can quickly derail your caloric intake.


Finish Line

Now you have some really solid tools to take into eating season. Treat your body with respect and use what you just learned to your fullest advantage. If you can avoid the doom and gloom associated with holiday feasting, you will feel and look better and be more confident.

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