Staying Healthy at Summer Cookouts

July 26, 2018

The start of summer means the start of cookout season. Parties and cookouts can feel daunting when trying to stick to a healthy diet, but there are a variety of ways to stay on track, and still enjoy the season, and the parties that come along with it.

Healthy Cookout Options

Protein with no bun – Having a burger or turkey burger with no bun is a great option for a cookout. You could even bring some chicken to throw on the grill as a healthy, lean protein option. Make sure you are getting plenty of lean protein and vegetables first, to fill you up. This way you are less likely to crave the unhealthy options that are available.

Choose kebabs – Having kebabs with lean protein and veggies is another great option to ensure that you are getting a healthy, protein and veggie packed meal at your cookout.


Fill your plate with veggies – Filling your plate with summer fruits and vegetables is another way to stay on track during BBQ season. Filling the majority of your plate with salads and vegetables will fill you up, and leave less room for unhealthy options.

Limit or choose alcohol carefully- Alcohol can be a major source of calories when it comes to cookouts and parties. Most alcoholic beverages are full of carbohydrates and empty calories. Try to limit yourself to one drink by sipping slowly, or bringing another no sugar added beverage to sip on the rest of the time. You can also choose lower calorie, lower sugar options like the vodka soda, or liquor with flavored water. If you want to skip alcohol and drink some other beverage, try out the kombucha.


You can also find the list of best summer fruits and vegetables and grilled protein options by swiping through HowUdish if you want to skip the cooking part of a cookout!