3 Ways to Stay With Your Diet When You Dine Out

November 6, 2017

How to stick to your diet when you dine out.

For a really long time, going out to eat usually meant casting aside our healthy diet choices and simply enjoying our food – just with a bit of guilt attached. But over the years, more and more restaurants have recognized the importance of catering to a variety of dietary preferences and keeping health-consciousness in mind for at least some of their menu items. What does this mean for us diners? More choices, more flexibility, and more ability to stay on track with the food choices we’ve made. It isn’t always easy though, so take a look below at our favorite tips for staying on track when you dine out.

1. Ask about the ingredients:

A vegetarian ordering vegetable soup sounds pretty safe, right? Or a low-carb diner ordering a grilled steak and vegetable plate? While the core ingredients of these dishes might adhere to your diet to lose belly fat, lesser-known ingredients that do not comply with these diets can sneak their way in. For vegetarians and vegans, the broth is a common culprit – even for vegetable soups, you’ll find many prepared with beef or chicken stock. For low-carb diners, added sugars – especially to grilled dishes – are a frequent problem. Don’t be shy – ask about the ingredients used during preparation. If your server isn’t sure, err on the side of caution if you are strict about the diet you’ve chosen.

2. “On the side please”:

More and more restaurants are creating transparency when it comes to the calories they estimate for each of their prepared dishes. While the accuracy of these numbers is debatable, we find that they usually make sense for most prepared dishes. For low-calorie diners, this is a huge help, but unfortunately not every restaurant – like independent eateries – offers this information. The solution? Know those items in the dishes you eat the most that tend to be higher calorie and ask for reduced portions or on-the-side servings. Most restaurants will have no problem with this, and getting into this practice can drastically reduce the number of calories you consume throughout a meal.

3. The HowUdish App:

Our favorite choice? Using the new HowUdish App to help find meals from restaurants nearest to you that comply with your dietary choices. This takes the guesswork out of finding a place to eat, especially when you’re out with a group with different dietary needs. Just download, enter your preferences and find the dishes closest to you that work for your diet to lose belly fat.

With the above in mind, anyone can enjoy a meal out without worrying about whether or not they are staying on their diet. Use the above and you’ll see just how easy it to go out to eat without giving up your choices or worrying about overlooking something.


Photo by Rawpixel.com/Shutterstock.com