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Create stronger relationships with friends or romantic partners by bonding over similar tastes and food preferences.

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Start your date off on the right foot, meet people who eat like you.

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HowUdish lets you connect with people over the shared love of food

For many, how they eat is a lifestyle. HowUdish lets you bond with others who share the same tastes as you. Start a new relationship off on the right foot, meet people who eat like you.


Save Money

Save money on dates and meetups. Let HowUdish pay for your first meal.


Find Restaurants

With so many restaurants around, how do you find one that has food suited to your lifestyle? Simply tell HowUdish what kind of meals you’re looking for and the app finds nearby restaurants with options for you.


Dishes you love

Use the swipe right feature to tag what you want, swipe left on what you don’t, and HowUdish will get even better at showing you restaurants with dishes you’ll love.


chat & share

Find a network of friends who share their favorite restaurants that match your nutritional lifestyles. Chat and share the places you love to eat while discovering new favorites and find a meal that matches your lifestyle.


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Dishing Benefits

  • Undo swipes
  • Unlock Cheat Dishes

Dish Together Benefits

  • Unlimited first messages
  • Preferred match placement
  • Change location

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