4 Things To Do So You Can Dine Out On A Cave-Man Diet

January 1, 2018

Cave-Man diet makes sense for healthy dining out experience

Of all the specialized diets out there, low-carb and cave-man style diets may be the hardest to adhere to when going out to eat. That’s because many restaurants and cuisines rely heavily on the things that these diners omit from their menus – grains, legumes, and refined sugars being some of the biggest. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to enjoy a low-carb meal when dining outside of the home. Here, we’ve listed some of our favorite things for these diners to keep in mind when eating out of the home:

1. Most main course items are things you can eat:

While “cave-man” sometimes gets the reputation for being a “carnivore” diet. It’s a myth that you only eat meat with this plan. This diet encourages lots of vegetables as well with some allowance for fruits and certain nuts. When dining out though, you’re safest if you look for dishes that feature meats, eggs, and fish. These are staples for this diet are the least likely to include things you’ve omitted from your diet and are usually the kinds of dishes that restaurants feature.

2. Ask to substitute side dishes:

While most meals are likely to include sides that aren’t allowed (such as brown rice, bread, or other carbs), don’t forego a side option completely. A salad or dish of cooked or raw vegetables can fill up your plate and help balance the macros in your meal as well.

3. Ask the right questions:

Even by following the above, it’s possible for forbidden ingredients to sneak their way into your meal. Ask (or find out in advance) if the meat you’ve ordered is breaded if there’s added sugar or dairy in dishes. The type of oil your food was cooked in, making sure to request substitutions as needed.

4. Be wary of restaurants where the cuisine is too focused on prohibited ingredients:

Because of the restrictions on additives and certain carbohydrates, there are some cuisines that are better to avoid. When dining out, unless you know the restaurant can accommodate you. For cave-man and low-carb eaters, these are Italian and Mexican cuisine restaurants.

However, don’t dismiss these places altogether! Remember that you can use the HowUdish app to look up specific meals near you that meet your needs. It’s always possible that a restaurant will be able to offer you something delicious that falls within your dietary guidelines.

When you’ve chosen cave-man, dining out can be more of a challenge than for many other kinds of diets. But with some planning and knowledge about your diet, you can still go out and enjoy a meal when you’d like to.

Photo By Nito/Shutterstock.com