How to Include More Seafood in Your Diet

June 5, 2018
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Perfect Ways To Include Seafood In Your Diet


Despite being a low calorie, high protein and healthy food option, many Americans don’t eat enough seafood. One serving of seafood averages about 300 calories and 30 grams of protein.

The Dietary Guidelines recommend 2-3 servings of seafood, weekly. However, seafood can entail more than just fish – shellfish, like oysters, crab, shrimp or scallops count too!

Seafood, while low in sodium, saturated fat and calories, is also a great source of many nutrients. Micronutrients like zinc, selenium, Vitamin D, iron and iodine are all found in seafood. Seafood is also high in omega 3 fatty acids, which are good heart-healthy fats. Omega 3 fatty acids may also help reduce blood clotting, decrease the risk of stroke and lower blood pressure.

While it may seem intimidating to cook seafood, it is actually an easy and quick protein to cook with. Seafood pairs well with many things. It can also be a great option for leftovers, or to throw in soups and sandwiches, or atop of salads.

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If you’re stumped about how to include more seafood in your diet, here are some of our favourite ways:

1. Buy it canned

Canned options, like tuna or salmon, will last longer and are much more cost effective. You can eat them as is, or add them to a daily salad. You could also add a little mayonnaise or Greek yogurt to make a tuna or salmon salad for a satiating sandwich!

2. Add fish to your next sheetpan meals

Sheetpan meals are very convenient because they minimize the food preparation and clean up by cooking everything at once on one sheet pan. Try pairing salmon or tilapia with diced potatoes and broccoli, and top with olive oil, salt and pepper for an easy weeknight meal.

3. Add it to what you’re already eating

Seafood can be very versatile and added to many things that are already prepared. For example, throw some tuna or salmon into your pasta instead of your usual chicken, or add some smoked salmon to your morning bagel to get that extra boost of protein and those heart-healthy omega 3’s!

And remember, if you’re eating out, you can always filter through seafood restaurants to help you choose the best seafoods to eat, even when away from home.

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